By choosing to only recruit the top IT Professionals in the industry, we have a proven record of providing the world's top companies the best IT professionals. Since 2008, Central Technology Consulting Group has emerged as an essential IT staffing resource for companies and organizations. When enterprise-hiring managers are in need of professional, well rounded, and highly knowledgeable IT talent, they turn to CTCG for the best results. We tailor our services based on project details, long-term objectives, and the overall IT needs of your company.


Whether your organization requires IT professionals for a big product launch or new technology rollout, CTCG can provide contract staffing resources to support your ever-changing project needs.

We provide top IT talent on a contract staffing basis, allowing you to adjust your workforce as needed. 


As circumstances unfold, our Contract-to-Hire option gives any company the flexibility needed to build an experienced and successful IT team-at their convenience. Our contract staffing services also allow you to evaluate top IT professionals on a contract basis and then decide whether to make them a permanent part of your team.


With today’s competition for in-demand IT talent, CTCG provides a competitive advantage with our IT direct placement staffing services to deliver top IT professionals. CTCG can identify, attract, and secure top IT talent to fill your organization’s long-term needs through our direct placement staffing services.